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Best Ten purposes Samantha Madison is in Deep Trouble10. Her immense sister is the most well-liked lady in school9. Her little sister is a professional genius8. She's in love together with her enormous sister's boyfriend7. She received stuck promoting big name snap shots in school6. And now she's being pressured to take artwork sessions five.

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TreXe^at^ero yvla Oeolo. For one by one did quake the limbs of God. Physical Analogies. 32. 8uo> The Seei ap9pov. joint binds two. 33. tu? 8 or OTTO? yaXct XevKov lyo fji^aicrev /cat But as when rennet of the fig-tree juice Curdles the white milk, and will bind it 34- Cementing meal with water . . eS^cre fast. THE FRAGMENTS OF EMPEDOCLES. The Conquest 3! of Love. 35- avrap e yo) TraXivopcro? eXevcrojuat iropov e<? rov Trporepov /careXe^a, \6yov Xdyov eVei Net/cog /xe> eWpraTov e tAcero eV Se yae cr^i $1X0x175 crrpoc^aXiyyc ye e^ r^t Sr) raSe Trdvra crvvep^erai ev [JLOVOV etvat, OVK: a^>ap, dXXa aXkoOev aXXa Oe\r)[JLa crwicrra/Aei rw^ Se re /xicryo/AO toZ x 6 7 tOvta pvpia TroXXa S a/xet/^r ecrri^Ke Kepaio^evoicnv ocrcr " *- ert Net/co?

Madness, Gods from tongue of mine, ! And drain through holy lips the well-spring clear And many-wooed, O white-armed Maiden-Muse, Thee I approach O drive and send to me : Meek Piety s well-reined chariot of song, ! THE FRAGMENTS OF EMPEDOCLES. 1 So far as lawful is for men to hear, Whose lives are but a day. Nor shall desire To pluck the flowers of fame and wide report Among- mankind impel thee on to dare Speech beyond holy bound and seat profane those topmost pinnacles of Truth. But come, by every way of knowing see Upon How each thing is revealed.

24 ra <ra>/u,a dXXore 8 avre XeXoy^, filov Ka/ojicrt StaT/xi irXa^erat at/Si^ eKacrra Treplpp^yfJiivL /3ioio. cus 8 avrco? OdfjLvoicri Kal iyOvcriv v8po/xeXa^pois Orjpcri, The world-wide warfare of Well in the mass of human the eternal limbs is Two shown: Whiles into one do they through Love unite, And mortal members take the body s form, And life doth flower at the prime; and whiles, Again dissevered by the Hates perverse, They wander far and wide and up and down The surf-swept beaches and drear shores of life.

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