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En , and the firmament itself was made subj ect to their under· 109. "-Ovid. 9. 03=108Iy. B3· Chart 14-B CANES VENATICI : f 51 132647 Sp. Neb. Transcendent' Whirlpool Neb1, ula' of Lord Rosse, resembling more an eternal questionmark-a supernal celestial enigma which in very truth it is. , probably twenty times orbit of Neptune; and tho whirling at incredible speed. requires 45,000 years to make a single revolution! Van Maanan. 3° s p q Ursae Maj. (See Mt Wilson Obs. photo. [11. Se~ R 134440 Var.

Per. 33 y. Spc. F j. Plane of orbit in line of sightinclination = 90°-occultations thus occurring every 13 yrs. BOOTES: The" Plowman" constellation is rich, notably in doubles. 1:1785 134427 Vis. 6-8. 06. Per. 199 YJ's. Spc. K2. 8. 9. 'IJ 134918 Sp. : 2,8. Per. 1 d, '612 133411 Vis. 3. a=0",225. PeL23 YJ's. Spc. F2. 103 X I'! 'I~T J-t-C CULMINATION 9 P. M. MAY 30 X QI 55 50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 10' 10' I 9- -9 -6 -7 ll- 7lO0 4 - 3 6 -5 -4 3 0 I . 0 84 - Z -2 -1 -0' . 1 O·- - 1 tl' 4- V • R< , -1 ~ 0 _V -1 -4 -5 --6 $- ..

123601 Vis. 7. 78. Per. 3 y. F. Oneof the finest pairs visible! , 1718. 4. 1. RVUS: .. Raven" is a limi ted asterism: but for full measure bounties, with clear skies, a real multum in pan·u. 5. 3. 0. 4d. 6'f. 8. Dull-gold star. secor. of the quadrangle. 68 Hydrae 123526 Glob. CI. Imposing. WRITE THEIR OWN AUTOGRAPHS. aves of light-and precisely what they are we do not know ing trillions of oscillations per second, started on their journey across space towards us ten thousand years ago. what is the medium, if there be one, which carried them this expanse we do not know.

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