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By Pablo Garcia Loaeza

Verbs are the spine of any language, and if you cannot conjugate them, you cannot speak. This compilation of greater than 500 universal verbs can help novices in addition to the main complicated Spanish scholars. every one web page specializes in anyone verb, offering complete conjugations of a number of tenses, plus sentences that illustrate its utilization.

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Captando CARECER To lack, to be lacking Past part. carecido Ger. careciendo CARGAR To load, to bear, to charge, to fuel, to carry Past part. cargado Ger. cargando CASARSE To get married Casar To match up Past part. casado Ger. casando CASTIGAR To purcish, to penalize Past part. castigado Ger. castigando CAZAR To hunt Past part. cazado Ger. cazando CELEBRAR To celebrate, to perform Past part. celebrado Ger. celebrando CENAR To have dinner Past part. cenado Ger. cenando CEPILLAR To brush, to plane (wood) Cepillarse To brush one’s teeth, hair, etc.

Jalando JUGAR To play Jugarse To risk, to gamble Past part. jugado Ger. jugando JUNTAR To put together, to join, to collect Juntarse To get together, to meet up Past part. juntado Ger. juntando JURAR To swear Past part. jurado Ger. jurando JUZGAR To judge, to consider Past part. juzgado Ger. juzgando L LABORAR To work, to labor Past part. laborado Ger. laborando LAMENTAR To regret, to be sorry Lamentarse To complain Past part. lamentado Ger. lamentando LANZAR To throw, to launch Lanzarse To take a leap, to pounce Past part.

You and your girlfriend can come with us, if you want to. Le _____________ (tener) que preguntar a ella, pero _____________ (creer) que dirá que sí. I have to ask her, but I think that she will say yes. �A dónde _________ (pensar, ustedes) ir primero? Where are you thinking of going first? �Por qué no _____________ (ir, nosotros) al museo de arte moderno? Why don’t we go to the modern art museum? Escuché que _____________ (haber) una exhibición de Pablo Picasso muy interesante. I heard there is a very interesting Pablo Picasso exhibit.

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