Download A Computerized Lexicon of Tamazight: Berber Dialect of Ayt by Ernest T. Abdel-Massih PDF

By Ernest T. Abdel-Massih

It is a dictionary in 4 elements: (1) alphabetical directory of Tamazight-English; (2) alphabetical directory of English-Tamazight; (3) alphabetically prepared cultural different types; (4) linguistic lexicon containing listings based on notice beginning and grammatical different types. Over 10,000 entries.

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Variegated: vielfältig, belebt, bunt, bunt gemischt, bunt gestalten, bunt gestaltet, buntscheckig, geflammt, mannigfaltig, ombriert, panaschiert. vermilion: Zinnoberrot, Zinnober. Herman Melville CHAPTER 29 %TWO PASSAGE FROM THE CRUISING GROUND TO THE MARQUESAS—SLEEPY TIMES ABOARD SHIP—SOUTH SEA SCENERY—LAND HO—THE FRENCH SQUADRON DISCOVERED AT ANCHOR IN THE BAY OF NUKUHEVA— STRANGE PILOT— ESCORT OF CANOES—A FLOTILLA OF COCOANUTS—SWIMMING VISITORS—THE DOLLY BOARDED BY THEM—STATE OF AFFAIRS THAT ENSUE I can never forget the eighteen or twenty days during which the light tradewinds were silently sweeping us towards the islands.

Puffed: leicht Windstoß, zug, reklame, rauchwölkchen, puffärmel, paffen, keuchen, hauch, außer Puste, außer Atem, atem. sensibilities: Empfindungsvermögen. snugly: behaglich, gemütlich. trails: Pfade. unsightly: unansehnlich, hässlich, verlottert, verludert, hinfällig, armselig, abscheulich. Herman Melville 25 bread-fruit-trees—carved canoes dancing on the flashing blue waters—savage woodlands guarded by horrible idols—heathenish rites and human sacrifices. Such were the strangely jumbled anticipations that haunted me during our passage from the cruising ground.

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