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By R. M. W. Dixon

The folk who reside within the Boumaa zone of the Fijian island of Taveuni communicate a dialect of Fijian that's together intelligible with usual Fijian, the 2 differing as a lot might be as do the yankee and British kinds of English. in the course of 1985, R. M. W. Dixon—one of the main insightful of linguists engaged in descriptive reviews today—lived within the village of Waitabu and studied the language spoken there. He present in Boumaa Fijian a wealth of remarkable beneficial properties unknown in usually studied languages and at the foundation of his fieldwork ready this grammar.Fijian is an agglutinating language, one during which phrases are shaped via the profligate combining of morphemes. There are not any case inflections, and stressful and element as proven via self sustaining clitics or phrases inside a predicate advanced. such a lot verbs are available either transitive and intransitive kinds, and nouns could be increase frequently from verbal elements and verbs from nouns. The language can also be marked through a hugely built pronoun method and via a vocabulary wealthy in components of social significance.In the outlet chapters, Dixon describes the Islands' political, social, and linguistic association, outlines the details of Fijian phonology, and provides an outline of the grammar. In succeeding chapters, he examines a few grammatical issues in higher element, together with clause and word constitution, verbal syntax, deictics, and anaphora. the quantity additionally contains a complete vocabulary of all varieties handled in dialogue and 3 of the fifteen texts recorded from monolingual village elders on which the grammar is predicated.

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First, both learners are at an advanced stage and must have encountered the target structures targeted in this study over and over many times. Second, since these learners reviewed the chapters they missed from Al-Kitab in the beginning of their second year, any differences in exposure to target structures would have been alleviated; if anything, third-year learners have more input, not less. e. cells filled with X [upper case]). It is worth mentioning that since there was no control over teacher input in the classroom, it is possible that some of the structures outlined in the table could have received more emphasis than what is just in the book.

In order for a combination to have been labeled undetermined, it has to have been either produced one time only, regardless of accuracy rate, or not appeared at all in the sample (for whatever reason). In summary, this chapter provides detailed information about the participants in this study, the input they have received, and the acquisition criterial applied to the collected data. The details in this chapter are useful because they allow replication of this research in the future, and they can be used in the discussion of results, especially the information related to input.

An) clause (x) X (/) (x) (x) (x) X (x) X (x) li? anna Past anna) EmbdCls tense (/) X (x) (x) (/) (/) (/) (/) (x) (/) (/) (/) (/) X (def) (/) (/) X (/) (def) (/) (def) X (indf) (/) X (/) (/) X1 Note: X = Focused instruction, the book explains the grammar and offers practice. Small (x) = The structure occurred in the input more than four times, but was not the focus of instruction (no explanation of the grammar is offered). Sometimes there might be drills targeting the structure but without formally introducing/reintroducing the grammar.

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