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By Angela Terrill

Lavukaleve is a Papuan Language spoken at the Russell Islands within the important Province of the Solomon Islands. The phonology and morpho-phonology of Lavukaleve are defined, in addition to arguments adjuncts, the Lavukaleve predicate constitution (including predicate forms and middle player marking, the contract suffix, concentration structures, demanding, point and temper, word-level derivation, advanced predicates), interclausal syntax, and the Lavukaleve discourse employer. The booklet features a record of affixes, an inventory of lexemes, and an appendix with Lavukaleve texts. the knowledge utilized in this paintings used to be amassed by way of the writer in the course of 5 box journeys.

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Villages usually consist of a group of closely related families living together, usually with one nuclear family per house. Typically, a village is started up by a clan, that is, two or more sisters and their families. Women, as landowners, are the only ones who have a right to start a new village on previously unused land. There is a strong preference for matrilocal settlement, although occasionally a woman may move to her husband's village upon marriage. The following kin terms exist in Lavukaleve: kala/vava kalem/mamam vovo vo'vou ngane mem (yB vais, eB kakal) ngane mea (yZ vaisa, eZ kakalea) Μ (mother) F (father) D (daughter) S (son) Β (brother) Ζ (sister) tua/tum manio/man tutua/tutum valiv wife/husband female/male in-law grandmother/grandfather relatives The terms listed in the first block have a primary use as given above, and they are also used as classificatory terms; thus vava refers not just to M, but also to MZ, MMZ, FZ, FFZ, etc.

I have visited some of the Eastern villages; notably Loun and Alokan, but I have no data from there. For logistical reasons of transport difficulties, and also for political reasons to do with my affiliation with Patteson's faction, I was able to spend very little time in the East. For these reasons, my corpus consists entirely of the speech variety of the West Russells. 12) and nasals (m, n, ng). There is a marginal voicing distinction, in the two bilabial stops (p, b) and the two alveolar stops (t, d), but this distinction pertains mostly to loan words.

9), when this loss of the final vowel creates a monosyllabic noun, then this stress shift rule applies to some words but not others: 'e-fin 'our belongings' 'langi o-'lang 'name' 'his name' but: If there were a fixed rule to cover these situations, it would be possible to say that the two rules, loss of final vowel for prefixed nouns, and stress shift for prefixed monosyllabic nouns, must be ordered with respect to each other. However the fact that both patterns appear shows that the rules do not have a fixed ordering with respect to each other.

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