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The sequence builds an in depth choice of prime quality descriptions of languages world wide. every one quantity deals a complete grammatical description of a unmarried language including absolutely analyzed pattern texts and, if applicable, a glossary and different proper info that's on hand at the language in query. There aren't any regulations as to language relatives or quarter, and even though precise realization is paid to hitherto undescribed languages, new and priceless remedies of higher identified languages also are incorporated. No theoretical version is imposed at the authors; the one criterion is a excessive typical of clinical caliber.

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Dualization and pluralization 31 In the non-singular, the dual of third-person arguments is marked vis-ä-vis the plural. A dual referent may be indicated by a plural noun with a verb in the dual (19) and, less commonly, a plural verb may be used with a dual subject (20). Conversely, the dual suffix is not attached to nouns with non-dual referents. (19) khtTjha? o-kt-c-tchi . they Ρ scream-PT-dPS They (two) screamed. (20) - habha hckke· ni kc-dza-m-mi· ? -s-u-wai) mu ca-s-u-ba. roast-dA-3P-pfG REP eat-dA-3P-IPF - Do youP eat it just like that (viz.

How do you take the sun? (24) nam-min tho-tt-u-η. sun-ABS stand-3P-lsA I can take the sun [today]. The definite absolutive is in keeping with the definite quality of the referents throughout the following exchange, which formed part of a children's game: (25) Will you eat my ear? Will you eat my eye? I saw her asshole! in kedzoi·? in kedzoi·? in nisuo! The definite absolutive may mark occurs as an after-thought: (26) ku-se'k lamkt-e a definite ... his-hunger be w in v effect-PT He's hungry, [our] guest.

Warekpe-n. your s -mouth agape-ABS Your mouth is agape. Because the absolutive marks both patients and subjects, the absolutive case of the word yaij 'money' shows agreement with both the transitive and the intransitive verb in the following syntagm. This reflects the ergative structure of Limbu case marking and contrasts it to nominative-accusative case assignment systems whereby a subject of a compound sentence can be in the nominative to show agreement with both an intransitive and a transitive verb when it is the agentive actant of the latter.

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