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By Paul M. Brown Jr.

Software particular built-in circuits (ASICs), either analog and electronic, became common method point bulding blocks. ASIC owners have tried to supply instruments that they desire will permit really green IC designers (i.e. structures engineers) to layout subtle customized built-in circuits. This philosophy has been extra profitable in electronic expertise than in analog. considerably extra paintings is concerned with analog layout and much fewer automatic instruments can be found. virtually each analog ASIC seller bargains various semiconductor applied sciences, device units, documentation (usually missing intimately and never delivering the right kind history and guidelines), and ranging degrees of engineering help. the result's that many engineers who may use analog ASICs lack the technical details to take action. they don't seem to be definite while customized analog ICs are good value or which seller will top serve their wishes. moreover, many engineers wouldn't have sufficient analog layout adventure, specifically with built-in circuits. Consqeuently, many that may benefit from analog ASIC expertise don't use it whereas others have undesirable studies which may have simply been shunned.

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Consequently, the characteristics of these components, such as beta and offset voltage, are as much alike as the photolithography process will allow. The components on a chip are thermally matched far better than is possible with discrete components. Base-emitter voltages, leakage currents, offset voltages, and resistor val­ ues will match and track very closely between components. Conse­ quently, differential circuitry is used whenever possible. Circuits are designed using ratios between components rather than absolute values.

Is directly proportional to I . 4. ί is proportional to the inverse exponential of T. s If this equation is solved for φ in terms of I, the forward voltage drop of a pn junction is described as ι kT. 60 E - 1 9 coulomb) junction reverse saturation current the forward current flowing through the junction when the voltage drop is measured a Several points about this equation are noteworthy: 1. k and q are constants. 2. I is a function of the dopants, their relative concentrations, and geometric characteristics of the junction.

0 Introduction Component parameters and specifications given in this book are meant to be representative and are used for illustration. Current vendor data should be consulted before any detailed design work is started. IC manu­ facturers change their processes from time to time to improve perfor­ mance and production yields. If you are considering multiple sources for a custom IC, it is wise to review the design data from the alternate manufacturer(s) prior to beginning detailed design work. A little re­ search up front will help you identify and avoid vendor dependencies.

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