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Jag måste gå ner de sista kilona. I have to lose the last kilos. 1 List of Swedish noun homonyms Some Swedish nouns have either two different genders or two different plural forms or both, indicating differences of meaning. Sometimes the words have different accent (word stress) in the singular definite and indefinite forms. The following is a list of the most frequent homonyms.

Fakta, huvuden, ögon. 2. First declension Second declension Third declension Fourth declension Ending in –or Ending in –ar Ending in –er Ending in –r en apa, två apor an ape, two apes en hund, två hundar en park, två parker en linje, två linjer a dog, two dogs a park, two parks a line, two lines 16 Fifth declension Sixth declension Seventh declension Ending in –n Zero ending (no plural form) Ending in –s ett yrke, två yrken a profession, two professions ett barn, två barn a child, two children en hit, två hits a hit, two hits Note – Grammars published before 1999, when Svenska Akademiens Grammatik first proposed seven declensions, tend to employ only five noun or, 2–aar, 3 –eer/–rr, 4 –n n, 5 zero.

3 Nouns with no singular form The following nouns are usually encountered only in the plural. Singular forms of the nouns marked † in the table below do exist in certain set phrases, and singulars are conceivable for some other nouns listed: Declension 1 anor, lineage; bannor, scolding; brillor, glasses; †byxor, trousers; inälvor, bowels; †matvaror, foodstuffs; skulor, swill; sopor, rubbish; åthävor, gestures 2 †föräldrar, parents; †pengar, money; småkillar, small boys; bränningar, surf 3 annaler, annals; arkivalier, archives; ferier, holidays; †finanser, finances; förfäder, forefathers; gotter, sweets; †grönsaker, vegetables; kalsonger, underpants; kemikalier, chemicals; kläder, clothes; later, manners; räkenskaper, accounts; ränker, machinations; specerier, groceries; viktualier, victuals; repressalier, reprisals; griller, whims; †böter, fine 4 choser, affectations; dubier, doubts 5 glasögon, spectacles; †hängslen, braces 6 livsmedel, groceries 7 shorts, shorts; jeans, jeans Det köpte jag för en billig peng.

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