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By Hannah Carlson M.Ed.LPC

Young grownup consultant to the actual, emotional, social, mental sickness of dependancy. what's habit? dependancy to components, behaviors, to the self. Self-tests: own tales. remedy and restoration. Dictionary of addictions and meanings.

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A. Asking for help is difficult and emotionally painful for alcoholics/addicts to do, what with anger at others and oneself, pride in living in lonely isolation for so long without help. There is also the damage done to other lives, parents and friends who may not have much faith, who are hurt and angry, and you’ll need to learn how to deal with this, drug-free. Psychological dependency on your once always-present friend the drug has become is hard to overcome. Physical dependency that in withdrawal causes uncomfortable, sometimes painful symptoms is also hard to overcome.

It can hurt. But instead of being taught how to understand psychological pain, and through understanding why we suffer, end the suffering, we are taught instead to escape it. The trouble with this is that our escapes often turn into addictions and these hurt worse than the original trouble. I have never met anyone who wasn’t addicted to something. There are those who are addicted to substances like alcohol or other drugs. There are those who are addicted to food or shopping, to television, to the thrills of gambling, promiscuous sex, violence, or other dangerous behaviors.

The negative effects from these moods and behaviors can become triggers for self-medicating and drug abuse. But always know, no matter what you find out, biology is not destiny! Behavioral heredity is not destiny! Treatment and help are always available to change your behavior and rewire your brain circuits! The human brain is plastic, capable of change! You may have come from a family with a propensity for abusing mind-altering substances. But as Bill Wilson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, and many experts in alcohol and drug abuse on our reading list at the back of this book have agreed—it takes more than genes to make an addict an addict.

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