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By Nan Jiang

This ebook is a suite of thirteen empirical reports studying the purchase and processing of chinese language as a moment language. at the acquisition entrance, those reviews discover the purchase of buildings reminiscent of the perfective marker le, wh-questions, bei- buildings, and naked nouns, and look at the standards which could impact acquisition akin to novices' historical past, anxiousness, and guideline. Processing reviews disguise issues resembling the id of chinese language tones, the popularity of characters, the processing of compounds and relative clauses, and the expression of movement occasions. lots of those reviews symbolize pioneering and state of the art study on their respective themes, and all should be of curiosity to scholars and students who're drawn to the examine of acquisition and processing of chinese language as a moment language.

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As indicated by the French immersion study (Lyster & Ranta, 1997), practice without CF resulted in Grade 4 students learning the subject content knowledge but lacking grammar accuracy in their spontaneous speech. On the other hand, findings from the control group in this study revealed that mere CF without ample practice opportunities would not help learners gain implicit knowledge. Taken together, we argue that only the combination of ample opportunities for learners to produce target structures and the immediate and consistent provision of corrective feedback from teachers will lead to the procedualizing of partially acquired L2 forms (Reed, 2012).

E. tell-backs). As mentioned in the Background section, metalinguistic prompts are operationalized as the most succinct and unobtrusive language of instruction used to elicit tell-backs and uptake with repair (Reed & Michaud, 2011), as illustrated in examples (4) to (6) which are taken from the data of the present study. Note that the prompts became increasingly clipped and shorter as time went by. (4) Metalinguistic prompts (long) Student: * Shenme mama xiang he ? ) Teacher: The wh-word appears where the answer would be.

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