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By Tom Mulvey, Charles J.R. Sheppard

The volumes during this sequence hide the development and innovation in optical and electron microscopy at a basic point. it really is aimed toward microscopists and researchers not just attracted to microscope instrumentation but in addition in purposes starting from organic thoughts to fabrics study and commercial inspection

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On applying a positive voltage, they mutually overlap, and in the interference pattern the phase and amplitude of the MgO crystal show up by lateral shift and contrast reduction of the fringes, respectively. Increasing the biprism voltage further, one obtains a broad hologram with fine fringes. This is subsequently reconstructed. The essence of holography in the electron microscope lies in the fact that the electron image wave is recorded completely in a single hologram and is reconstructed as a non-electron copy wave allowing one to perform waveoptical procedures more easily than in the electron microscope itself.

In principle, one can achieve a given contrast at will by a corresponding demagnification of the electron source; however, this leads to a reduction of the current density in the hologram since the total coherent electron current is given by the brightness of the gun. The brightness B is the current density at the electron source emitted into the solid angle Ω (von Borries and Ruska, 1939) B = I/(FQ). (19) It is invariant under optical imaging. Taking nrl as the area of the source, the current emitted into the solid angle Ω = πδ2 becomes I = Β(πτ0δ)2.

That is perhaps why Fresnel holography is scarcely applied nowadays in electron optics. In light optics, however, due to the superb coherence properties of the laser light the above effects are negligible. H. LICHTE 54 back focal reference wave plane image wave **R hologram image plane FIG. 16 Loss of high spatial frequency components, if the hologram is taken at a distance D from the image plane: In a strip of width w, spatial frequencies higher than Rw do not contribute to the recorded wave and subsequently cannot be reconstructed.

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