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Perhaps the Earth is nearer to the Sun in s~mmer? If this were so, the Sun would look larger in the sky in summer than in winter. All objects look larger close-up, and smaller in the dis.. ' tance. The Sun is always the same size in the sky. in winter and summer alike. It doesn't seem to matter how far away, the "stove" is which· warms us. Do you remember where the Sun is in the sky in summer and in winter? In summer it climbs higher. The higher the Sun is in the sky, the honer its rays become.

Because the bricks in the house's foundations would crumble. , On Jupiter railway' tracks would bend under the weight of a diesel train,. the wings of a plane would snap and the springs and wheels of a bus would break. As you see, it's not easy living on big planets. There you need "reinforced concrete" people, "steel" trees and "stone" animals. Well, if that's so, it means that life is nothing but a joy on small planets! Small planets attract things less. Ev thing there becomes lighter as if suspen by a balloon.

People could see and examine the Moon well enough through a telescope but they wanted to look at it in greater detail. They began to send various automCl;tic devices in rockets to the Moon whIch examined everything around them through glass lenses and relayed this to Earth by television. . The first automatic devices could not move. They landed on the Moon and stayed in the same spot. The~ co~ld only turn their "heads". Then SCIentIsts and engineers began to send more "intelligent" automatic devices to the Moon.

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