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By Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Sarah Vida has given up every little thing for romance. From a mythical relatives of vampire-hunting witches, Sarah used to be raised to by no means belief a vampire, to by no means allow her shield down, and to prevent all tough attachments of the guts. yet now Sarah IS a vampire—changed by means of the boy she proposal she enjoyed. Her relations has forsaken her, and Sarah herself is disgusted by means of her urge for food for blood.
Aida Vida is Sarah's older sister, the great, trustworthy sibling who continuously does her family members proud. but if Aida's mom insists that Sarah be came across and killed, Aida is given the only task that she is probably not in a position to perform.
Taking position over simply twenty-four hours, ALL simply GLASS tells the tale of a game-changing conflict that would endlessly switch the area of the Den of Shadows. And at its heart is the tale of 2 sisters who needs to make a choice from love and responsibility. darkish, fully-imagined, and difficult to place down, ALL simply GLASS will thrill Amelia's fans—old and new.

From the Hardcover edition.

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When she had been seven, she had screamed until her throat was raw. Now she did not utter a sound. She had known that vampires did not create dreams but instead relived their memories when they slept. Knowing was not the same as experiencing, however. Humans and witches alike were capable of having nightmares about the bad times. She had dreamed about her father’s death before. She had thought that was what people meant when they said vampires dreamed the past. But dreams weren’t like this, with every detail as vivid as it had been then.

Dominique’s network of hunters and informants was impressive. Adia knew only some of them. Only once Dominique left did Hasana approach Adia to say, “I should set those fingers before they start to heal that way. ” Adia asked, wondering why Hasana hadn’t gone to check on her daughter. “She brought her own car,” Hasana said, moving to examine the wounds while she spoke. ” Caryn herself had nearly been brought to trial not long before for far more severe crimes than Sarah had ever committed; if she had been a hunter, and not a healer, she never could have justified her actions.

But it wasn’t a complete loss. She had learned what she had needed to learn. She had learned the last thing she had wanted to learn. Adianna Vida, now the only child of Dominique Vida, matriarch of the ancient line of witches, wished she were still ignorant. It had taken a hell of a fight, but she had finally, unfortunately, throttled the information out of someone. “Looks like she’s decided to live, witch,” a bloodbond had told her, the last word like a curse. “She’s staying with Nikolas and Kristopher.

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