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DAVISSON 4 y (y-2) 3 y+ 1 2 2 (13) 2y (y - 11)* y - (y - 1 ) 7 2y(y 2 2 2 1 720 Here y = 1/(1 — β )* = (Λν + mc )/mc , β = v/c with ν the photoelectron velocity, 1 and the other symbols have been defined above. In the limit of high 2energy Hall » 15 developed an equation which has since been shown to be incorrect . However, the 1 22 2the results of Hulme et α/. and 1 2it2 has been used values it gave joined smoothly with in obtaining tables of values » . Sauter's eq. (13) was f o u n d ' to join more smoothly with those of Hulme et al.

14 CH. I G. K N O P A N D W . P A U L The most probable loss thus increases somewhat more than linearly with increasing thickness x, cf. g. Fig. 14. For comparison of (4) with experimental results, we write (4) in the following form AEw/x = a In (x/xo) + S, 2 2 mv 2 axo 2 β + Κwhere S = a In 7 ( 1 - β) (5) A pol S is called the reduced stopping power. In Fig. 15 this quantity is shown as a function of energy up to 2 MeV. 0 20 40 Thickness [mg/cm ] Fig. 14. (E- Probable energy l o s s as a Fig. 15.

3 5 has been The energy distribution of mono-energetic electrons passing through a foil 3 4experimentally by White 3 6 and Millingtdn, Paul and Reich , Chen and investigated Warshaw , and by Hanson et α/. 34 35 J. J. L. Chen 36 W . Paul and and S. D . Warshaw, Phys. Rev. 84 (1951) 361. H . Reich, Z. Phys. 127 (1950) 4 2 9 ; W. Paul and G. K n a p , unpublished. A . O. H a n s o n , E. L. Goldwasser and F. S. Mills, Phys. Rev. 86 (1$52> 617. 15 INTERACTION O F ELECTRONS CH. I For thin foils there is good agreement with Landau's theory which give a width at half height = 3 6Q 1μ )ρ=p ^x( 2 ζM V .

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