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By Robert L. Clark

The web Age is altering every thing approximately human invention and using know-how. The swap has been in comparison to that of the advent of printing. Making your individual telescope isn’t what it was, both, thank you partially to the web. The outdated days of grinding and sprucing are long past – until you must do it! now you can gather a very good device from quite a lot of cheap Internet-available parts, new or used. the web is the hot elements “junkyard,” with stuff from world wide so that you can choose via, day or evening. during this publication you'll find out what’s ordinarily on hand and the way to entry it. you'll the best way to evaluation optical elements and mix them from varied web resources. you'll get many rules on the right way to make the elements that you just don’t purchase or scrounge and the way to revive outdated lenses and mirrors. and you may study a few ordinary physics of designing ergonomic – cozy – telescopes. Navigating your means round the chances is simple utilizing this important and well timed source. With Robert Clark’s assist you can get the easiest that the web has to supply. start now!

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A company named Craftflocking sells the fibers and applicators so you can flock almost anything you like. Consider flocking your automobile. On 48 5 The 80 mm Refractor second thought, forget that idea. Flocking tends to come in rather large quantities so combined orders are a good idea. Be sure you order black, as this stuff has other uses and comes in a variety of colors. Main Tube How long should the main tube be? Considering that it is easier to trim some off than it is to add onto the tube you should err on the long side.

Cut a piece out of the ring so it can be compressed to fit inside the tube. You need to remove about 4 times the thickness of the material from the ring. Apply A Real Simple Telescope 29 Fig. 6 “Dollar store” telescope from mailing tubes and a file-folder tube plenty of glue and slip it into the main tube where you want it. You may need to do a couple of these to reduce the diameter enough so that you have a step for the lens to rest on. Now try it out! As said earlier, part of the reason for building this telescope is to encourage experiments that can illustrate various optical problems.

You may find it helpful to mask off some of the lens to reduce its effective diameter to reduce the heat and to reduce the brightness of the image so you can see it better. You can also use an image of the Moon. However you got it you have the BFL of the objective lens. The eyepiece belongs positioned with its focus located at the focus of the objective. To locate the focus of an eyepiece put it against your eye as if you were using it. Stick your finger into the barrel of the eyepiece and determine where the end of your finger is when you can get a sharp image.

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