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By Jonathan Zeitlin, Gary Herrigel

This e-book develops a brand new and conceptually certain research of Americanization in ecu and jap after the second one international struggle, in line with a wealthy set of sectoral and firm-based reports via a global staff of distinctive students. The authors spotlight the self sustaining and inventive function of neighborhood actors in selectively adapting US expertise and administration ways to swimsuit neighborhood stipulations and, strikingly, in growing new hybrid kinds that mixed indigenous and overseas practices in unexpected and infrequently remarkably aggressive methods.

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Global or local efficiency advantage? + + + − + + + − + + − +/− + + + − +/− Theoretical apInstitutional plasticity or path proach dependency? + Naive convergence theory(Pure neoclassical economics) + Mainstream catch-up and convergence theory: transfer of best-practice techniques dependent on technological congruence, resource endowments, and social capability (Abramovitz) − Institutional lock-in/lock-out of best-practice techniques as an explanation of national differences in economic performance (Eichengreen, Crafts, Toniolo) − ‘Half-Americanization’ of European and Japanese societies (Hogan, d'Attorre) +/− Transfer process embedded in and shaped by national institutional environments (Djelic, Ellwood) 17 INTRODUCTION − − + + +/− − × − − × Key: + = first alternative; − = second alternative; +/− = intermediate position; × = rejected polarity.

Thus continuing relationships or network ties between institutions may belie a deep transformation in the ways actors conceive of themselves, their mission, and their strategic possibilities, as we shall see, for example, in the case of the German and Japanese steel industries before and after the Second World War. 25 A fifth and perhaps most crucial line of theoretical cleavage concerns the underlying efficiency characteristics of the US model. For most writers on postwar 24 Eichengreen, ‘Institutions and Economic Growth’, 41–3.

Influencing Aid Recipients: Marshall Plan Lessons for Contemporary Aid Donors’, in Eichengreen, Europe's Post-War Recovery, 68–90. For an unconvincing attempt to substantiate the claim that ‘the administrative agencies in charge of managing (the Marshall Plan] … developed powerful means of control that reached down to the country and even to the project level’, see Djelic, Exporting the American Model, esp. ch. 7 (quotation, 275). 34 Chronologically, too, US authorities' capacity to promote the transfer and diffusion of the American model to Western Europe and Japan moved through several distinct phases during the post-war reconstruction period.

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