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By Lianne Warburton

Amphetamines, together with crystal meth, are a number of the robust and addictive medicinal drugs to be had. Their illicit use has devastated groups all over the place North the US. This identify explores the technological know-how and heritage at the back of well-known stimulants, and gives information regarding habit and cures.

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Other gases, such as hydrogen gas, are explosive. Many meth labs are discovered only after they have exploded. Chemicals used and produced in meth labs can seep into walls, carpet, and furniture. They can stay there for years, even after the meth lab is gone. Many buildings that contain meth labs must be torn down or 51 52 AMPHETAMINES AND OTHER STIMULANTS decontaminated (cleaned and detoxified). In a meth lab, chemicals and by-products might be dumped down the sink or toilet, or thrown out with the garbage.

Babies born to women who use amphetamines may be cranky and restless. These babies can experience the same drug-withdrawal symptoms as an adult. Amphetamines also can pass into breast milk in large enough amounts to affect the baby. This can result in poor feeding, restlessness, and crying. In 2002, a mother was arrested for the murder of her three-month-old son. He died from an overdose of methamphetamine that he received from her breast milk. Growing up near a meth lab can affect children of any age.

He also] underwent brain and sinus surgery. Tests also showed he had The Devil’s Candy: Crystal Meth and Other Amphetamines feel good. Soon, tolerance develops. People need to use more and more of the drug to get the same good feelings that they got the first time they took it. This often leads to “bingeing,” in which people abuse large severe, permanent lung damage. The doctors didn’t expect him to make it. After 11 days he awoke and was taken off the ventilator and it looked like he was going to come home.

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