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By Frank Portman

From Frank Portman, writer of the cult vintage King Dork that John eco-friendly says "will rock your world", comes a unique approximately Andromeda Klein, who has a number of difficulties of her own.

Her hair is more or less horrible.

Her partner-in-occultism, Daisy, is dead.

Her mystery, estranged, a lot older and forbidden boyfriend-in-theory, has long past AWOL.

And her mom has realized the right way to text.

briefly, issues could not get a lot worse. until eventually they do. Daisy appears trying to make touch from past, books are beginning to disappear from the library, after which, surprisingly and unexpectedly, Andromeda's tarot readings are starting to are expecting occasions with bizarrely literal accuracy.

Omens are far and wide. goals; swords; fires; hidden playing cards; misplaced, damaged, and lifeless cellphones . . . and what's Daisy attempting to inform her?

within the resulting fight of impartial as opposed to evil, it is Andromeda Klein opposed to the realm, smooth society, demonic forces, and the "friends" of the library.

From the Hardcover edition.

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Steve had abandoned her with his horrible “hi there,” Daisy had also broken up with her, as she did from time to time. This meant a total cutoff of communication, and the cold shoulder at school, followed by a subsequent reconciliation, if Andromeda tried hard enough and gave Daisy presents. One of the mom’s many accusations against Andromeda was that she lacked the capacity to feel guilt. There might have been some truth in that, despite the trivial nature of the mom’s complaints. Was it possible for anyone to feel truly guilty about using the wrong cup or walking down stairs on the wrong side or failing to hold toast the right way?

But anyone reading her mind would no doubt have been taken aback by the confused riot of arcane images to be found within. A limitless host of glyphs, sigils, images, and mathematical processes unfolded from the Two of Swords and flashed around the edges of her awareness; yet each receded and faded when she tried to examine it directly. With enough time and study, and enough discipline, these connections could be specified and mapped; then would come a stage of knowledge when the model of reality inside her head would correspond to that upon which it was modeled so closely as to be indistinguishable from it.

Daisy had died resentful and abandoned, and now there was no remedy. It should have been easy to predict: everything about Shasta had portended doom. Andromeda had felt like a dead thing, and the landscape had mirrored her mood. Lemurian remnants were reputed to live in tunnels under Mount Shasta, were said to pay for provisions in local shops with mysterious gold nuggets and to conduct rituals and experiments that caused the strange light sometimes seen crowning the Northern Californian mountains.

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