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By Rebecca Edwards

Angels within the equipment bargains a sweeping research of the centrality of gender to politics within the usa from the times of the Whigs to the early 20th century. writer Rebecca Edwards exhibits that girls within the U.S. participated actively and influentially as Republicans, Democrats, and leaders of third-party events like Prohibitionism and Populism--decades earlier than they received the proper to vote--and within the approach controlled to rework perpetually the ideology of yank celebration politics. utilizing cartoons, speeches, celebration structures, information debts, and crusade memorabilia, she deals a compelling rationalization of why kin values, women's political actions, or even applicants' intercourse lives stay hot-button concerns in politics to this present day.

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Black women often marched with men in campaign and victory parades and a few gave Republican speeches. Clubs of Georgia freedwomen pledged weekly donations to pay a male orator to tour their district. Others used more personal forms of leverage to persuade black men. Some freedwomen voted to expel Democrats from their churches, or withheld bed and board from husbands and sons who voted Democratic. During a North Carolina gubernatorial race, a 36 ANGELS IN THE M A C H I N E R Y cook in Charlotte told her white employer she would no longer work for him if he voted for an ex-Confederate colonel.

Many associated the new party, despite its disavowals, with the radical wing of the antislavery movement. Abolitionists like Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Angelina Grimke were, in fact, claiming a link between black and female emancipation. " Some abolitionists endorsed the new party, a move unwelcome to many Republicans and not lost on Democrats. The logical end of Republicanism, its opponents warned, was that husbands would lose authority over wives. 24 Republicans' attack on the Mormon practice of plural marriage held particular foreboding for Democrats as they tried to discern the new party's intentions toward slavery.

27 Almost all Northern and Southern Democrats of the antebellum era supported slavery, an institution that influenced their ideology long after the Civil War. Party spokesmen identified both marriage and slavery as "domestic relations" in which government had no right to interfere. Like Mormon polygamy, slavery was a household matter. "The principle of Republicanism," claimed one Democrat, was "to meddle with the domestic institutions of other States, and to meddle with family arrangements in their own states—to force their .

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