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A advisor to antidepressant and antianxiety medicinal drugs, together with their background, right use, negative effects, abuse, and extra.

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They often practice avoidance behaviors so that they aren’t exposed to the fear-causing event. These behaviors may go as far as avoiding particular people, staying away from places where an event might occur, and even staying at home rather than venturing out into the world. This seriously interferes with their daily functions. Symptoms associated with social phobia are often very similar from one sufferer to another. They are typical of a person who is feeling abject fear. They include heavy sweating, nausea, trembling, blushing, difficulty speaking, rapid heart rate, and rapid breathing (sometimes actually hyperventilating).

This condition is associated with fears that other people are judging the individual and fears of being embarrassed. It is true that almost everybody, at one time or another, has been concerned about looking foolish in front of their peers or strangers. This is a normal emotion. However, people with social phobia take this fear to the extreme and it interferes with their lives on a daily basis. Everyday functions are difficult to perform and the individual’s entire relationship with society suffers.

Numbers in parentheses indicate prevalence of the disorder without any comorbidity. Causes and Consequences of Depression and Anxiety 43 Most people have specific concerns that persist throughout their lives, but with this condition, these fears are magnified, irrational, and usually pertain to something that poses little or no threat. There are several common phobias including those relating to elevators, heights, flying, spiders, dogs, tight spaces, and several others. An interesting aspect of these phobias is that a particular phobia may not be all-encompassing.

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