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G. g. wash away and fade away). Manufacturing safely Health and safety Health and safety in textile and fashion production is essential. Designers need to be aware of what is involved in the making of their prototypes. Manufacturers need to carry out risk assessments and follow the health and safety regulations that have been put in place. In the workplace, all employees should be fully trained to use their machines safely. Manufacturers need to identify all possible risks in the workplace and put systems in place to ensure a safe working environment.

2008) Basic Fashion Design 02: Textiles and Fashion, AVA Publishing SA. 4 Development of the design proposal: developing techniques, modelling and product and manufacturing specifications Learning objectives By the end of this section, you should have a key understanding of: cchow to present evidence of your planning skills to develop the product’s shape and style cc how to make modifications to the product pattern cc how to cost the product cc how to construct and model the product cc how to make colour decisions/choices using the mood board cc how to choose the right materials and components cc the social, moral, environmental and economic issues (sustainability) that are relevant to your product cc how to define the product specification cc how to define the manufacturing specification with flow diagrams cc investigating, experimenting and presenting construction and decorative techniques.

Designing skills Product and manufacturing specifications Knowledge link For more information on costing, see Chapter 10, pages 240–43. This section is divided into three key areas: cc product specification cc costing cc manufacturing specification. Product specification A product specification contains instructions and information that are used to make a prototype and sample products. The product specification should contain the following: cc a working drawing of the product – a technical drawing showing front and back views, measurement details, exploded drawings and highlighting key details of seams, darts, etc.

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