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By Z. H. Qureshi

Supply your scholars considerable perform with their writing abilities with those supplementary workout books. degrees raise with the power of youngsters starting with basic letters in remoted positions, then development to 2-3 letter phrases, and at last to basic Arabic and Islamic expressions. scholars start through tracing styles of letters after which are given house to put in writing on their lonesome. This ebook is a part of the Arabic Writing I-III sequence to benefit the Arabic alphabet. the 1st half exhibits the alphabet. the second one half indicates how the letters mix to shape phrases. The 3rd half supplies phrases in response to the opposite volumes. half I is usually recommended for first graders (5 - 6 years old); half II is for moment graders (6 - 7 years old); and half III is for fourth graders (7 - eight years old).

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Sen-en-satsu o kuzushite kuremasen ka? HIJKLMNO PQRSTUV dialogue do we have to change (trains)? norikae-nakute wa narimasen ka? yes, change at Tokyo/no, it’s a direct train hai, Tokyo-eki de norikae desu/ie, chokutsu desu 50 changed: to get changed kigaemasu WXYZ[ character (written) \] charge (noun) ^_ kanji ryokin (verb) seikyu shimasu `abcd charge card kurejit·to-kado efghijkl cheap yasui mn do you have anything cheaper? mo sukoshi yasui no wa arimasu ka? opqrstu vwxyz{| check (US: noun) }~¡ kogit·te (bill) seikyusho ¢£¤ (in restaurant, bar etc) okanjo ¥¦§ could I have the check, please?

A …wa ikura desu ka? a single, second class to ... a katamichi hitori, futsūsha, … made two returns, second class to ... a ōfuku futari, futsūsha, ... made for today a kyō no for tomorrow a ashita no for next Tuesday a raisyū no Kayōbi Shinkansen wa tokubetsu ryōkin desu b there’s a supplement for the Bullet Train zaseki o yoyaku shimasu ka? b do you want to make a seat reservation? Okayama de norikaete kudasai b you have to change at Okayama what time is the last train to Kyoto? a Kyoto e no saisyūdensha wa nanji desu ka?

LMNOPQRST UVWXYZ[ (noun) Buk·kyoto what time is the last bus? Buddhist (adj) Buk·kyo (no) µ¶¸ buffet car ¹º» ¿À ÁÂà shinkansen does this bus go to ...? kono basu wa …-iki desu ka? shindai ÄÅ no, you need a number ... /012 wa kogete imasu business (company) kaisha (verb) yakedo shimasu burnt: this is burnt (food) ie, … ban no basu desu ABCDEFGHIJKLBu ¼½¾ building saishu basu wa nanji desu ka? shokudosha buggy (for child) English ➜ Japanese brush (for hair) kl kore 3456789:; meishi business hotel bijinesu-hoteru mnopqrs 45 English ➜ Japanese businessman bijinesu-man written by ...

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