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By Renae Rebman

ARE YOU DOING dicy issues? slicing, BINGEING, SNORTING, AND different hazards takes a glance on the motives and features of those addictions, Readers are alerted to the indicators of dependancy and factors of what should be performed to assist humans being affected by those addictions.

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Laura looked for another high. She ended up switching to heroin and became hooked. She had to turn to shoplifting to support her drug habit. Laura was eventually arrested and ended up at Phoenix House, a drug rehabilitation center. She got off drugs and pieced her life back together. But she has a warning for others concerning the dangers of the drug that got her started: “Ecstasy can cause heart problems and brain damage. ”2 Many Names, Many Dangers Some of the most commonly abused drugs have various street names and come in different forms.

Teens may be especially vulnerable to addictions, which can ruin their lives and hurt those around them. Contents Cover About this Book Title Page Chapter 1: The Addiction Risk Changes and Pressures Not Just Drugs On-line Addiction Chapter 2: Drugs: Types and Dangers Many Names, Many Dangers Reasons for Drug Use How Many Are at Risk? Ecstasy: A Hazardous Trend Raves Marijuana Designer Drugs Steroids Supplements Girls at Risk Getting Clean Chapter 3: Alcohol: The Drug of Choice Drinking and Driving Feeling Invincible Liquor Industry Criticized Sweet Taste, Bad Backlash Issues of Trust Mixed Feelings New Laws, New Attitudes Chapter 4: Inhalant Abuse: The Silent Epidemic Methods Used Hidden Dangers How Many Die?

15 Are all teens at risk for addiction of some kind? The temptation is there, and the opportunity for risky behavior is probably present for almost every teen, but addiction need not be a foregone conclusion. Understanding the risks and learning ways to cope with problems, avoid trouble, and how to get help when needed can keep addictive behavior out of a teen’s lifestyle. com© Mehmet Dilsiz When considering addictions, illicit drugs are often the first substance that comes to mind. Some studies indicate that drug use among teenagers is down, but drugs are still a clear danger to adolescents.

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