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By M. H. Strom

Zach thinks Joanna is just too younger for him, yet he hasn't ever felt like this approximately anyone ahead of. She's so candy and passionate and flirty and unfastened, and the main attractive woman Zach has ever recognized. Joanna is swept away by means of her emotions for Zach as they develop more and more passionate with one another. She's doing issues she'd by no means mostly do, yet it is like God has whispered in her center Zach is the single for her. The robust forces of younger love, intercourse and faith come crashing jointly during this romantic, sexually charged tale.

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Poor Zach. ” I pouted. She lay down beside me, resting her head on my chest, and I put my arm around her, closing my eyes to the sun‟s glare. It was peaceful lying there, 57 with only the sounds of the surf and the occasional cry of a seagull. I felt contented with her in my arms. I didn‟t want to think about anything else, especially her leaving. ” I whispered. ” She giggled. ” I laughed. She sighed. “We shouldn‟t talk like this. ” I changed the subject. ” Joanna sat up. “Are you serious? ” “Your mom doesn‟t wanna keep us apart.

She was talking fast. ” I laughed. ” “You won‟t. Just look at me if you feel nervous. ” 47 She laughed. ” I looked at Joanna. She just stood there not moving, so I grabbed her arm and started leading her up the stairs and onto the stage. We looked out at the audience, and I couldn‟t even remember what chord I was supposed to start on. Joanna started playing, so I hurried to play a chord. She looked over at me and smiled, then she began to sing. The whole world seemed to fade away as I watched this beautiful young girl sing from her heart with simple, angelic purity.

I shook my head. ” She laughed. “I can‟t watch the rest of this. ” “I don‟t wanna find out. ” She grabbed my hand. We left our guitars beneath the stage with a pile of other stuff, and started down a path towards the beach. It was already getting dark, and hard to see where we were going, but an almost full moon helped light our way. ” “For everything! For making me do it. I couldn‟t even go up those stairs without you. You‟re so amazing. I can‟t believe you got up there and played in front of all those people just for me, and you hardly know how to play the guitar.

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