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By Ilsa J. Bick

It might probably occur the next day . . . An electromagnetic pulse flashes around the sky, destroying each digital gadget, wiping out each automated approach, and killing billions.Alex hiked into the woods to claim goodbye to her useless mom and dad and her own demons. Now wanting to discover what occurred after the heartbeat crushes her to the floor, Alex meets up with Tom—a younger soldier—and Ellie, a lady whose grandfather was once killed through the EMP. For this improvised family members and the others who're spared, it’s now a query of who could be relied on and who's not human. Author Ilsa J. Bick crafts a terrifying and exciting novel a couple of international that may be ours at any second, the place these left status needs to research what it capability not only to outlive, yet to reside amidst the devastation. Gripped me from starting to finish – darkish, creepy and suspenseful.  James Dashner, long island instances Best-Selling writer of The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials                      A haunting and epic tale of survival in a shattered global, ASHES is a needs to read.   Michael provide, big apple occasions Best-Selling writer of long past

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There were memories in this case. At first, they’d been memories too painful to want to think about, much less remember. For the first year, she’d had no control over those memories at all. The triggers could be almost anything: a snatch of song, the sudden warble of a police cruiser, a stranger with hair so exactly like her mother’s that the sight stole her breath. Every memory brought pain that was sharp and sudden and so fierce it was like someone had slipped a knife between her ribs and given a good twist.

No. She was wrong. She had to be. She couldn’t smell. The tumor had gobbled that up. But. But there was blood. She smelled Jack’s blood. Ellie had peed herself, and she smelled that. Just now, just this very second. That couldn’t be. It must be her imagination, the pain or the shock or … or something. But what if it wasn’t? She was almost afraid to try again. But she did; she had to know. As awful as the moment was, she leaned over Jack and pulled in a long, slow, deliberate breath, still thinking, You watch; it’s a hallucination—just one of those phantom brain-things.

Now, she smelled Jack’s blood. There had been those forgotten memories of her wagon and white roses and her mother. She’d heard her father’s voice. She could taste the raw edge of vomit in her mouth, and she was awake; she wasn’t dreaming. Maybe this was what people meant when they said your life passed before your eyes when you died. She didn’t know. She’d never specifically asked Barrett about that. To be honest, she hadn’t been sure she wanted to know. She’d heard of near-death experiences, of course.

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