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By Arturo M. Baró, Ronald G. Reifenberger

This primary e-book to target all rules and elements of AFM in liquid part is completely established, making it easy-to-follow for non-AFM experts. whilst, it truly is an exceptional creation for researchers wishing to exploit this crucial strategy for comparing organic fabric and organic applications.
From the contents:
* AFM: uncomplicated concept
* Dynamic modes in liquids
* strength spectroscopy
* Forces in liquids
* unmarried molecule strength spectroscopy
* excessive solution imaging of organic material
* Imaging of force-distance curves
* excessive pace AFM for staring at dynamic processes
* idea and fundamentals
* mix of AFM with optical methods
* organic functions
* Electrochemical AFM
* Manipulation and lithography
An optimal stability for chemists, physicists, fabrics scientists, and biologists, in addition to analytical and medicinal chemists.

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Process for attaching single CNT to AFM tip under SEM control: (d) setup for preparation of CNT 500 nm 500 nm source cartridge using AC electrophoresis [4]. SEM micrographs of (e) CNT source cartridge [4], (f) AFM tip and CNT cartridge [4], (g) attachment of CNT to AFM tip [5], and (h) completed single MWNT AFM tip [4]. compressive loads [1]. In addition, the carboxylic acid functional group terminating open-ended CNT enables chemical mapping of sample surfaces [6]. While these properties of CNT have improved the performance and extended the capabilities of AFM in air [1], CNT tips can also be used in liquid environments to enable applications that were previously unachievable with conventional silicon and silicon nitride tips.

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