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In contrast to many AutoCAD rivals, this ebook covers merely the fundamentals and makes use of combined devices _ inches, meters, ft, kilometers, etc., to demonstrate the myriad drawing and enhancing instruments for this well known software. AutoCAD 2009 necessities comprises 21 workshops, that entire small tasks from suggestion via genuine plotting. fixing the entire workshops will simulate the construction of a true lifestyles venture from starting to finish, with no overlooking any of the fundamental instructions and services in AutoCAD 2009.

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23 Drafting using AutoCAD 2009 ƒ ƒ Also, all the default settings of Grid behavior are meant for 3D drawings. Make sure that the Snap type is Grid Snap (we will discuss Polar Snap shortly). If you are creating a 2D drawing, then select Rectangular Snap. If you are creating a 3D drawing select Isometric Snap. ƒ If you want the Grid to follow Snap, set the two Grid values to zero. ƒ You can use function keys to turn on both Snap and Grid: • F9 = Snap on/off • F7 = Grid on/off NOTE N THE DV D O SNAP AND GRID Exercise 3 1.

When you reach your distance click to specify a point, just like the following: ƒ Move the cursor toward the angle 45 until you see the ray. Now move the mouse to the desired distance and click: ƒ Move the cursor toward the angle 315 until you see the ray. Now move the mouse to the desired distance and click: THE DV D O DRAWING USING POLAR TRACKING N 43 Exercise 10 1. Start AutoCAD 2009. 2. dwg file. 3. Switch both POLAR and SNAP on, and set the following: a. Increment angle = 30 b. Additional angles = 135 c.

Neither command has a toolbar button. 48 AutoCAD 2009 Essentials Redraw ƒ ƒ From the Menu Browser select View/Redraw, or type r at the Command Window. The screen will be refreshed. Regen ƒ ƒ ƒ From the Menu Browser select View/Regen, or type re at the Command Window. See the following example.

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