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AutoCAD 2015 For Beginners is written to assist a whole beginner to benefit AutoCAD fundamentals. the writer publications readers to create 2nd drawings and 3D versions with assistance from short factors and step by step examples. This publication begins with the advent to Microsoft Windows-based person interface, 2nd drawings, organizing and reusing info, plotting, and 3D modeling. additionally, there's a separate bankruptcy on second Architectural drawings.

Table of Contents

1. creation to AutoCAD

2. Drawing fundamentals

3. Drawing Aids

4. modifying instruments

5. Multi View Drawings

6. Dimensions and Annotations

7. Parametric instruments

8. part perspectives

9. Blocks, Attributes and Xrefs

10. Layouts & Annotative Objects

11. Templates and Plotting

12. 3D Modeling Basics

13. stable enhancing & producing second views

14. growing Architectural Drawings

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Sample text

These methods are explained in the following examples. Example 1 In this example, you will create a polygon by specifying the number of sides, and then specifying the length of one side. Click Home > Draw > Polygon on the ribbon. Follow the prompt sequence given next. Enter number of sides <4>: Type 5 and press ENTER. Specify center of polygon or [Edge]: Select the Edge option from the command line. Specify first endpoint of edge: Select an arbitrary point. Specify second endpoint of edge: Type 20 and press ENTER.

HIDE HI Changes the Visual Style to Hidden. ID Displays the coordinate values of a selected point. IMAGE, IMAGEATTACH IM Used to attach an Image reference. IMAGEADJUST IAD Used to adjust images. IMAGECLIP Used to crop an image. IMPORT Used to import other forms of CAD data. INSERT I Used to insert a block. INSERTOBJ Used to insert an object into the drawing. ISOPLANE CTRL+E Used to set the current isometric plane. JOIN J Used to join end points of two linear or curved objects. LAYCUR The Layer of the selected objects will be made current.

COPY CO Used to copy objects inside a drawing. COPYCLIP Used to copy objects from one drawing to another. CUSTOMIZE Used to customize tool palettes. DDEDIT ED Used to edit a note or annotation. DIMSTYLE D Used to create or modify a dimension style. DDMODIFY Displays the Properties palette. DELCONSTRAINT Used to delete constraints. OSNAP OS Used to set Object Snap settings. DDPTYPE Used to set the point style and size. VIEW V Used to save views by names. DGNEXPORT Used to export the drawing to Microstation (DGN) format.

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