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By Timothy J. McCarthy PhD (auth.)

AutoCAD Express is an instructive and concise textual content permitting the reader to introduce and use this programming language on their lonesome computer. a few labored examples and useful guidance are offered to illustrate the main points of person instructions and to demonstrate drawing options. This moment variation covers unencumber eleven and introduces a couple of very important new gains. All significant changes among the 1st and moment variation are highlighted within the textual content, making the ebook priceless for clients who're already acquainted with the sooner model.

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Rather, you just want the fastest and simplest solution! AutoCAO allows you to snap to key points of previously drawn items. The OSNAP (Object SNAP) menu can be found by picking the "* * * *" from any screen menu or by selecting "ASSIST" from the menu bar (ASSIST appears as "TOOLS" on some versions ofthe menu bar). Altematively, the third button on your mouse (if it has a third button) also causes the ASSIST pull-down menu to appear. This menu gives you facilities to locate the centre or tangent point of a circle or arc, the end point and mid point of a line, the insertion point of text etc.

For example, the coordinates "4,3" belong to a point 4 units to the right and 3 units above the origin. The origin has the coordinates "0,0". Mathematics books call this the Cartesian coordinate system after the French philosopher and mathematician, Descartes. AutoCAD calls it the X-Y WORLD system (WORLD meaning that the values are in relation to the drawing origin). Sometimes it is more convenient to work in distances relative to one's current location. For example, when giving directions to astranger in town your instructions might be "Follow this road for half a kilometre and turn right.

This protects against picking QUIT by mistake from the menu. If you reply by typing NO then the QUIT will be cancelled and the "Command:" prompt will appear. Using END or QUIT brings you back to the main menu. Select option 0 to leave AutoCAD and return to DOS. Enter selection: 0 This completes your first non-stop journey on the AutoCAD Express. In subsequent chapters it will be assumed that is pressed at the end of each command line or that the commands are picked from menus.

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