Download Autostretching : the complete manual of specific stretching by by Olaf Evjenth and Jern Hamberg ; [translated from Swedish PDF

By by Olaf Evjenth and Jern Hamberg ; [translated from Swedish by Michael Brady and Carla Wiberg].

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Reprinted with permission from YMCA Fitness Testing and Assessment Manual, 4th ed. © 2000 by YMCA of the USA, Chicago. All rights reserved. 13 Sit-and-reach. have functional limitations that make it difficult to get down and then up again from the standard sit-and-reach test position of sitting on the floor with legs extended. 4 Details on this test and what the score means are included in chapter 11 on pages 236 and 237. You may have been surprised by the number of steps required to assess your personal fitness.

A b c l o s e r l o o k George George performed the curl-up test and was pleased to see that he was able to complete 18 curl-ups in one minute. 6 that this places George in the “Very good” category for a man of his age. George also completed the push-up test. He was able to complete 15 push-ups with good form. 7, George was pleased to note that he is in the middle of the “Very good” category for this test as well. Having completed tests for muscular strength and muscular endurance, George has a better sense of his physical fitness on those attributes.

Choose a day without windy weather for testing. Ideally, you should perform the One-Mile Walking Test using an outdoor or indoor running track so that you can be certain that the distance you walk is no more or less than one mile. A standard quarter-mile track would be ideal (four laps on the inside lane), but many tracks are metric. 3 meters (equal to approximately 31 feet). If a track is not available, any measured course will work as long as the surface is smooth and the course is flat. Grab a comfortable pair of shoes and a stopwatch.

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