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By Meg Cabot

Avalon excessive, i used to be beginning to imagine, will not be so undesirable after all.

Maybe it isn't the place Ellie desires to be, but when you'll want to commence at a brand new institution, Avalon excessive is standard sufficient: there is Lance, the jock. Jennifer, the cheerleader. and should, senior classification president, quarterback, and all-around strong guy.

But now not every person at Avalon excessive is who they seem like . . . now not even, as Ellie is set to find, herself. As a strange drama starts off to spread, Ellie has to ask yourself, what half does she play in all this? Do the coincidences she's piecing jointly quite mean—as in King Arthur's court—that tragedy is speedy imminent for her new friends?

Ellie does not comprehend if she will be able to do whatever to forestall the arrival difficulty. yet one way or the other, she understands she has to try.

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No boy-other than my brother and Tommy Meadows, who asked me to couples-skate during a class trip to Western Skateland-had ever touched me before. " he wanted to know. "Uh," I said. Maybe I hadn't heard him right. Did he actually want me to stick around? "No rush. I just figured you wanted to be alone. And my dad's expecting me to call. so unexpectedly that I sort of started to lose my balance, and wobbled a little on top of the boulder.... Until Will put out his other hand, grabbing me by the waist to steady me.

Html watch Will with another girl? Not so much. Will must have sensed my hesitation-sensed it, and misinterpreted it-since he went, "Don't worry, it won't be wild, or anything. My parents'll be there. Come on, you'll like it. It's a pool party. " I couldn't help smiling at that. Or at the friendly fashion in Will elbowed me in the side as he said it. Oh yes. I was that far gone that even the guy's elbow seemed hot. "Okay," I heard myself saying. "I'll be there. Um, without my raft, though. It has a curfew.

I wrote back at once, of course. Well, it seemed only fitting to share the good news. TIGGERTOO: Hey, back atcha! I made the team. Thanks for the well wishes. CAVALIER: See? Told you so. Congratulations. With you on board, the team's actually got a shot at Page 47 Meg Cabot: Avalon High State, for a change. Which is the kind of thing a friend would say. Because friends support one another. Just like friends say hi when they pass each other in the hallway (as Will always did). And wave when they see each other in the parking lot (ditto).

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