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By Emily Franklin

There is one scorching dish that Melissa, the resort's new chef, desires. yet attending to this top-ranked skier isn't really so basic. in the meantime, Melissa's personal previous threatens to throw her life-and her heart-off path.

Known for her speedy snowboarding and way of life, small-town Colorado woman Harley has snagged the coveted task of hostess. What she desires is to capture the attention of world-class skier James. Can she get spotted between eu A-listers?

Former society woman Lily, a.k.a. Dove, does not brain cleansing up after site visitors, when you consider that it is bringing in much-needed greenbacks. quickly she will purchase her personal price tag to the island lodge the place her surfer overwhelm awaits-as lengthy as she will maintain her mystery. The Chalet women are in for one sizzling winter-as lengthy as they work out the way to squeeze a few paintings into all of the fun...

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She puts her hand on her hip, then realizes the toilet brush might touch her and holds her hands in front of her. ” Melissa points to herself. “I’m Melissa? We met before? And she’s . ” She goes to point to Harley. “I don’t need you to be cruise director. ” Harley breezes by Melissa and goes past Dove in the doorway. “Charming girl,” Dove says as she watches Harley stomp her dirty boots onto the rugs. ” Melissa steps inside the small mudroom and looks around. This must be the staff entrance. In front of her is a narrow corridor.

JMB! ” Melissa opens the door and shouts to him. When he turns, she waves at him and when he returns the gesture, her heart pounds. So much for trying to remain uninterested. ” He strides to her. ” “I didn’t think I was allowed to,” she says and feels instantly like she’s thirteen and unlicensed. JMB frowns and shakes his head. ” He eyes the stacks of boxedup foods. ” It seems to Melissa that in one motion he offers her a ride and helps her wheel the carts out onto the street to his car where they pack everything into the trunk and backseat.

He looks at her a second longer and gives a guy-nod, pigeon style  # BMBODJOH"DUT out and back, and steps away from the store and out into the town where the sun is rising higher. Why didn’t I say something? Melissa questions her brain power. Not only am I stranded here with no ride and twenty minutes until I’m due back, but I’m also forever going to be Mesilla to him. Fantastic. At least I didn’t get sucked into some unrequited crush situation. She calls the chalet house phone, hoping Harley will pick up and come get her in town.

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