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Electronic Components and Symbols 31 Figure 2—27. A fuse may be considered to be a type of switch because it opens a circuit when too much current is present. Γ\ Figure 2-28. Circuit breakers act like fuses, but they can be reset manually. RELAYS Automatic switching can be achieved by using relays. Most relays consist of two parts, a coil and a switch. When voltage is applied to a relay's coil, a switch is engaged and/or disengaged—either making or breaking an electrical connection. Relays can be found with the four basic switch types (SPST, SPDT, DPST, DPDT).

The schematic symbol for a fuse is shown in Figure 2 - 2 7 . Circuit breakers are similar to fuses because they break circuits when current exceeds predetermined levels. Unlike fuses, they do not have to be replaced. They can be reset and used again. Figure 2-28 shows the schematic symbol for a circuit breaker. 3 Schematics, Other Diagrams, and More Symbols A schematic diagram presents a road map of an electronic circuit. It helps you navigate various turns and observe and avoid roadblocks. It is a diagram of a scheme—in this case, an electronic scheme.

Exceeding the working voltage may damage or destroy the capacitor and nearby components. Ceramic Capacitors A capacitor with a wafer of ceramic material between two silver plates is called a ceramic capacitor. Most look like discs, although some are rectangular. They are electrically the same regardless of their shapes. Working voltages for most ceramic capacitors range from about 50 to 1,600 volts. Mica Capacitors Thin strips of mica sandwiched between interconnected plates make up a mica capacitor.

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