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By Connie Goldsmith

Each year, greater than 350 million humans around the world are contaminated with malaria. This publication takes a better examine the socio-political purposes for the unfold of the sickness and whats being performed to handle it. Case reports of sufferers and medical experts within the box provide an up-close view of the issues and options.

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41 42 a Disease of Poverty A young boy with malaria gets treatment at a hospital in Colombia, South America. They cannot gain enough education to rise out of a cycle of poverty and illness as adults. If a parent dies of malaria, his or her children are more likely to grow up in poverty. In malaria-stricken areas, governments and aid organizations spend money on mosquito-control activities, malaria prevention, and research into the disease. Often governments fund health clinics and distribute bed nets and medications to their poor citizens.

Resistance Resistance is another reason for malaria’s reemergence around the world. Malaria has become increasingly resistant to—or able to withstand—the medications commonly used to treat it. And the Anopheles mosquitoes that carry the Plasmodium parasite are growing resistant to the insecticides used to kill them. Resistance to malaria medications can develop in several ways. In some cases, people unknowingly take fake malaria medications or don’t take enough medication. The medicines kill off only the weakest malaria parasites in their bodies.

Josué is a seventeen-year-old in the western African nation of Togo. He learned about malaria in school. He knows that mosquitoes spread malaria and that the disease can be prevented. However, many people in this village don’t have this basic information, and the information they do have is based on rumor and superstition. ” Josué laments that “each year, children die and are buried. ” He wants to teach his fellow villagers the facts about malaria. “It’s our duty to fight for the life of children and adults,” he says.

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