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Q 6/21/03 1:04 PM Page 52 52 CELLS, TISSUES, AND SKIN Peroxisomes are tiny sacs of membrane that break down fatty acids and amino acids. They also detoxify a number of poisonous substances. However, the most important function of peroxisomes is the removal of free radicals, highly reactive chemicals, such as O2–, that are normally produced during cell metabolism. Cigarette smoke and ultraviolet radiation create additional free radicals. Because free radicals lack electrons in their outer shell, they have a powerful ability to oxidize.

Many of these elements are permanent. However, some only appear at certain times in a cell cycle. For example, before cell division occurs, spindle fibers form, which are used to separate chromosomes and distribute them to each of the newly formed daughter cells. q 6/21/03 1:04 PM Page 56 56 CELLS, TISSUES, AND SKIN spindle fibers then disassemble when cell division is complete. As might be expected, energy from ATP is needed for cytoskeletal movements. The largest of these structures are microtubules, long, hollow cylinders, which help determine overall cell shape.

In some cells, centrioles also may give rise to extensions called cilia and flagella. 4 Cilia, pictured here, help to trap dust and debris and to move particles along. For example, cilia that line the respiratory tract help to prevent smoke and other foreign particles from entering the lungs. They can also help to propel an entire organism, as is the case with certain types of protozoa, whose outer surface is covered with cilia. 4). Ciliated cells line the respiratory tract and are used to move mucus and debris away from the lungs.

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