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By Alex Flinn

I'm a beast. A beast. no longer particularly wolf or undergo, gorilla or puppy yet a terrible new creature who walks upright—a creature with fangs and claws and hair springing from each pore. i'm a monster. you're thinking that i am conversing fairy stories? No manner. where is manhattan urban. The time is now. it really is no deformity, no ailment. And i'm going to remain this fashion forever—ruined—unless i will holiday the spell. sure, the spell, the single the witch in my English type solid on me. Why did she flip me right into a beast who hides by way of day and prowls by means of evening? i'm going to let you know. i will inform you how i was Kyle Kingsbury, the man you wanted you have been, with cash, ideal seems, and the suitable existence. after which, i will inform you how I turned completely . . . beastly.

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I’m considering a transformation, and I’m most concerned about my family’s reactions. Mr. Anderson: Interesting. Why is that, Silent? SILENTMAID: Should be obvious. I’d be doing this voluntarily, unlike the others, and even in the best-case scenario, I’d be rejecting not only my family, but my species. Mr. Anderson: Tell us more, Silent. SILENTMAID: Well, I love this guy, the one I saved, and I could become human and meet him if I sacrifice my voice. If he falls in love with me = happily ever after.

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