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By Joe Calloway

Content material:
Chapter 1 We simply made up our minds to move (pages 1–26):
Chapter 2 what is Your tale? (pages 27–51):
Chapter three good fortune potential you recognize What Used to paintings (pages 53–75):
Chapter four The Commodity seize (pages 77–96):
Chapter five Your model Is every thing (pages 97–115):
Chapter 6 the 3 principles (pages 117–138):
Chapter 7 the recent client truth (pages 139–157):
Chapter eight Tiebreakers (pages 159–182):
Chapter nine Case learn: Tractor offer corporation (pages 183–207):
Chapter 10 the longer term class of 1 (pages 209–243):

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From meaningless mission statement to something powerful that came straight from the gut. There’s a big difference between an intellectual understanding of what business you are in and a gut-level understanding of what your story is. I asked the group how many of them knew the mission statement and felt that it was a motivator that gave them a reason to get up in the morning and charge in to work, ready to take on the world. None of them raised their hands. I then asked how many of them felt that “helping people when they’re hurt” was something that they could really get behind as their cause and be motivated about.

It’s who you are, what you promise, and your ability to deliver on that promise. ” About 30 minutes into the discussion one of the senior vice-presidents had had all he could take of me and what he considered to be my rather esoteric and altogether useless search for corporate meaning. “This whole exercise is a complete waste of our time,” he said. He then went on to deliver a spirited rant about how what they needed to be doing was discussing strategy and execution rather than engaging in an idiotic college philosophy class version of the meaning of life.

Some ideas, like the notion of your job being much more than just a job, become meaningless cliches. At Lenscrafters, they have taken their jobs and made them life missions that bring meaning to everything they do. They have a story that matters. Decisions in Advance When a company knows its story and what’s really important, it’s a great compass and timesaver when it comes to decision making. Organizations that don’t really have a sense of purpose 40 BECOMING A CATEGORY OF ONE have to pretty much start at ground zero when faced with a strategic decision of almost any kind.

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