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By Matthew MacDonald

This booklet is the main complete and recent creation to ASP.NET ever written. Focussing exclusively on C#, without code samples duplicated in different languages, award successful writer Matthew MacDonald introduces you to the very most modern pondering and top practices for the ASP.NET 4.5 technology.

Assuming no previous coding adventure, you may be taught every little thing you want to recognize from the floor up. ranging from first principals, you are going to examine the talents you should be an efficient ASP.NET developer who's able to development to extra subtle initiatives paintings.

you will be taught tips on how to use item orientation and code-behind strategies to put out your code sincerely in a fashion different builders can simply comprehend. you are going to tips on how to question databases from inside you websites, boost your layouts utilizing ASP.NET AJAX and install your accomplished web content to construction servers. you will additionally how to debug your code while issues get it wrong and the functionality and scalability matters that could impact your internet tasks as they develop.

With you ebook you could take your first step in the direction of turning into a profitable ASP.NET developer with confidence.

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For example, you can use a for loop to step through the elements in an array by checking the size of the array before you begin. Write(stringArray[i] + " "); } This code produces the following output: one two three Block-Level Scope If you define a variable inside some sort of block structure (such as a loop or a conditional block), the variable is automatically released when your code exits the block. That means you will no longer be able to access it. The following code demonstrates this behavior: int tempVariableA; for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) { int tempVariableB; tempVariableA = 1; tempVariableB = 1; } // You cannot access tempVariableB here.

Thus, the foreach loop defines a string variable named element. If you used a different data type, you’d receive an error. The foreach loop has one key limitation: it’s read-only. For example, if you wanted to loop through an array and change the values in that array at the same time, foreach code wouldn’t work. Here’s an example of some flawed code: int[] intArray = {1,2,3}; foreach (int num in intArray) { num += 1; } In this case, you would need to fall back on a basic for loop with a counter. The while loop Finally, C# supports a while loop that tests a specific condition before or after each pass through the loop.

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