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Medlock came and looked at her every day or two, but no one inquired what she did or told her what to do. She supposed that perhaps this was the English way of treating children. In India she had always been attended by her Ayah, who had followed her about and waited on her, hand and foot. She had often been tired of her company. Now she was followed by nobody and was learning to dress herself because Martha looked as though she thought she was silly and stupid when she wanted to have things handed to her and put on.

She had never thought there could be so many in any house. She walked slowly down this place and stared at the faces which also seemed to stare at her. She felt as if they were wondering what a little girl from India was doing in their house. Some were pictures of children--little girls in thick satin frocks which reached to their feet and stood out about them, and boys with puffed sleeves and lace collars and long hair, or with big ruffs around their necks. She always stopped to look at the children, and wonder what their names were, and where they had gone, and why they wore such odd clothes.

Thumb: pulgar, el pulgar, dedo pulgar. truth: verdad, veras, la verdad. uncomfortable: incómodo. wonder: preguntarse, maravilla, asombrarse, prodigio, preguntar. wove: Tejió, pret de weave. ” said Mary, and she moved toward the little tree softly and looked up. ” she said to the robin just as if she was speaking to a person. % “Why,” he cried out, “tha’ said that as nice an’ human as if tha’ was a real child instead of a sharp old woman. ” Mary asked, turning round rather in a hurry. “Everybody knows him.

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