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This is not my idea of a social outing. ” He shook his head. Surely, she would change when they were married. Given a little time she’d be shopping in the western stores for something new to wear to the barn dances once a month, and she’d get excited when a new baby calf was born. She’d learn to like Buster and love Rosa and maybe after this next year she’d even be ready to quit teaching and stay home to raise their son. The first one would be a boy, and probably all the rest after that. Luckadeaus just didn’t throw girl babies.

He could be married, despite what the girl had said. Right then she didn’t care. She tipped back the champagne he’d handed her and smiled up at him. “All right. It is pretty noisy here, isn’t it? ” 34 Carolyn Brown He’d handed her the keys to his truck. “You better drive. I don’t usually drink and I never drive when I do. Trailer is a mile down the highway. ” “Okay,” she’d said. Memories continued to tumble around her as she nuzzled her face into her sleeping daughter’s soft hair. Sometimes at night when she awoke, her body ached for his touch, her mouth wanted to be kissed like that again, but it was all a fairy dust night.

She shook her head. “Not with your medication. In a couple of weeks you can have a beer, but not now. ” “Don’t remind me,” he groaned. “I feel like an invalid. ” “You’ll survive, and just think how much fun it’ll be when you can dance again,” Milli said when Mary headed toward the refreshment tables. ” 40 Carolyn Brown When she came out, she stopped in the shadows. She had spotted Beau right away, dancing with a tall, fair woman who must have been Amanda. The woman looked as out of place as a hooker in the front row of the church in a revival meeting.

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