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Frequent consumption may induce tolerance, dependence, and strong withdrawal symptoms when not taking the drug. ” How Addictive Are Synthetic Drugs? “ —NIDA, an agency of the US Department of Health and Human Services. We haven’t seen enough patients yet to ascertain for certain whether tolerance, dependence, or obsessivecompulsive-like use develops with these synthetics. ” —Jason Jerry, a staff doctor with the Cleveland Clinic. ”30 She continued to sample it occasionally after that first experience and eventually began taking it on a regular basis—even while studying to be a nurse in college.

Brendan Bickley, executive director of Treatment Solutions Network in California, has treated patients who could not control their drug use. “When I talked to my patients about Spice,” he told a journalist, “every one of them would say the effects were extremely unpleasant and they wanted to stop. But then they’d take it again. ”38 Similar experiences have been recounted or observed among bath salts users. Hanna, a twenty-one-year old who shared her story with a 54 How Addictive Are Synthetic Drugs?

Charles Grassley, a Republican senator from Iowa.  . counterproductive in protecting young people as it takes them from buying these products at a corner store or smoke shop and sends them to the cocaine dealer to get them, completely unregulated and unmonitored. ” —Daniel Francis, executive director of the Retail Compliance Association, a lobby for convenience and smoke stores. T he US government’s response to the introduction of spice and bath salts as recreational drugs has generally been to place them in the same legal category as the drugs they mimic.

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