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The wide availability of cell-phones, and cell service in rural areas, simpli®es this real-time coordination. During the 2000 Leonid meteor storm, my friend (at our dark-sky site) was on the cell-phone to his wife at their home about 30 miles away, as the crow ¯ies. Several times, it was pretty certain that they both saw the same bright meteor. Oh, if only we had taught his wife how to record the data and plot the meteor paths! 6 AUTOMATING YOUR METEOR OBSERVATIONS The meteor studies described in the previous sections require you to stay up pretty much all night, several nights in a row.

Therefore, your results will be more secure if you can make a permanent record of the occultation. By far the most common method is video recording. The easy availability of low-cost video cameras, camcorders, and ``electronic eyepieces'' puts video well within the capability of many amateur astronomers. A video record o€ers two wonderful features. First, you can re-play the event over and over, so that your timing is more accurate and free of corrupting surprises (especially at the challenging ``bright limb'' and ``reappearance'' timings).

AMS visual meteor observing form. (Used with the kind permission of the American Meteor Society) Every hour or so, re-check the limiting magnitude and note it on your observing record. 3 Reducing, analyzing, and submitting your results Check your observing record for completeness, and then submit a copy of it to your coordinating organization (either AMS or IMO). They will incorporate your observations into their database, and use them for characterization of the meteor shower's activity. 3. As in the simple meteor count project, if you are mathematically inclined, you may want to use the ZHR equation to estimate the activity pro®le of the shower you monitored.

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